The more you know

Did you know that the human brain does this ? Blocks and binds receptors to make chemicals make your brain needs. Learning about meds and the chemicals in your brain. It’s interesting I will say that confusing. I am currently learning taking switching meds lol. My brain is broken and I need help creating these chemicals. Anyhow you should google your brain in some free time. Interesting what is cannot and can do. What it can recreate, how it can retrain itself. So much.


What do you hear when you read ?

Reading I would if I could every second orf everyfday , just my fam fave to do . I love books I love to learn, I love to feel how others feel when they are loved :()

Or when they are in pain or hurting, I just love feeling any feelings and when you read … well I hear and feel a lot from those pages.

I love poetry . sadly I am the only one in my household too that does.

Do you hear as you type when you write or journal ?

I can hear in my heacd exaclty the words that I tyoe out and mispell lol