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To believe or to not believe

Let me start with thank you all for the work that you do essential and non essenstial. All work is important, if you choose a career that , you through this path as well , where you will be be near deady diseases and death , welll i am the bitch you choose that field ? Good for you not me. I am grateful for for you, but extra pay extra thanks yeah ….

I beleive the epidimic i blieve there is a disease being passed around.

What do i believe really nothing. There is no proof yet showing that anything is the only real cause of death. Then also i do believe these things happen and are sometimes real i guess we will see. Just like these that are so broad and so full of passion , that cannot hold in all that passion, to see what time plas out is the only sure thing. I kow that I have the means and ways to florish my children 🙂

I think that we worked super hard on some kick ass raised garden beds wood (recycled out of pallets) homemade compost and yard wasting from winter/fall cleaneup . SO recycled and reused

now as for all the seeds we planted and he for some odd reason left outside died, i have a few indoors we wil see what comes of them . i think that i will just replant them all then , he will never know and maybe be happy. The things you do for the ones you love. He did such a awesome job. The work that i have for myself tomorrow is going to be amazing, i ordered and had Joe pick up some more pavers for the yard , I making small sitting area for me (or whomever that would use it. I was going to make a bird house if I could to make out by the end of the yard of some grass to grow there. That would be so great . Well i am off to try and nap this is gong to be my last for a bit, my naps are going bye bye whe i go back to work.

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So much drama wrapped up

Let’s be honest about this damn quarantine, my husband goes to the store one more time and returns with snacks only for him. I don’t eat those nasty rolls and butter bars. Maybe that’s the whole plan , then he has all the junk food in the world. Lol hahaha insert evil laugh. Smart man.

It’s going to be hell. I will eat beans and broccoli for a week and since I am so luckily (time he will regret) the one to make the bed tuck in the sheets that will be tight hold in that smell great for him. I will move every few moments to help with the whiff getting back to his nose lmao.

I swear we should get straight jackets lol

So my tin hat friends have me researching …. I always believe in my rights ….. even yours if I don’t support them I still believe they are your rights .

This election the state of the Nation I don’t know what to say.

It seems someone put my 2 and 3 year old up for a debate over empty Easter Eggs. They all end up crying and no one gets what they want.

I can tell you the other shoe shall fall.

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Hey who else

Hello world. It’s me mom. That’s all I know to be called. It’s cool and a lot of women like me go by it. We will use it.

I am mom to many but legally only 5. Strange how you pick so many extras up along the journey but they are the best and I love the ones that my kids call mom too.

I was raised in the far south (Florida) and moved to the middle of the US ughh Farm world and land. From the hustle of beach life lmao yeah I said it. That was a culture shock-16 and discovering racism.

Just a little back drop you will get more as I go. Just want you all to be able to understand this crazy anxiety sometimes very over ridden mother lol ramblings.

Yeah . What did you just step into ? Lol.

Read along subscribe follow however you do this. I use to keep this all private. One day a group of friends asked to start sharing my life on FB and twitter and I said sure …. now they have talked me into a blog I have had forever just never posted.

Like I said grab the rains and hold tight ! Definitely leave me some feedback messages. Like stories what have you !